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Aquatic Speech and Language Therapy Program

What is the A.S.L.T. program?

The A.S.L.T. program, is a new pioneer aquatic speech and language therapy program, which has significantly greater efficacy compared to those of analogous typical speech and language therapy programs that occurs in classroom. More specific, a study was carried out, the participants  were preschool children with A.S.D. and moderate/severe language difficulties on receptive/expressive vocabulary and other basic communication skills. In particular, our hypothesis was that the beneficial effects of ASLT with regard to improvement of vocabulary abilities, as well other basic communication skills, would be significantly stronger compared to those of an analogous typical speech and language therapy program that occurs in classroom. Our findings show that ASLT results in significantly greater improvement of vocabulary measures, thus providing direct evidence of A.S.L.T.’s beneficial effects on language skills. This study with title "Speech and language therapy in children with ASD in an aquatic environment:  the ASLT (Aquatic Speech and Language Therapy) program." was published in                                                                                                                                                                                                                   which is one of the most valid international scientific journals. The A.S.L.T. is the first program, with research data, with regard to aquatic speech and language therapy. The factors that seems to contribute to the efficacy of ASLT are summarized below:

The use of water’s natural properties such as levitation, hydrostatic pressure and thermodynamic, can bring one into a state of mental uplift. In addition the A.S.D. related behaviors are being reduced and the time of attention is increased. Also, children can be benefited in maintaining eye contact. Taking in account that, the above factors reinforce the effectiveness of A.S.L.T. program. In addition, as it is easily understood the aquatic environment is, for almost the totality of the children, an extremely reinforcing factor, making the intervention a pleasant activity and as a result has an additional beneficial effect that could further facilitate language development.

At last, from our clinical experience we can conclude that the A.S.L.T. program can be rather than beneficial also for children with difficulties regarding to the language development and communication skills and not necessary with A.S.D.

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The A.S.L.T. program, is been provided, in collaboration with the Ippokampos Adapted Aquatics Club            ,      exclusively at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens “Spiros Louis” facilities, by the creator of the program mr. Sourvinos Stamatis. The sessions which conduct in water are taking place at the indoor diving pool of the Olympic Center of Athens. The pool meets very high-quality standards, like high temperature 31-32 Celsius degree and O3 (ozone). In addition, there are indoor changing rooms and doctor at the complex.


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Speech and language and occupational therapy sessions (in classroom) are taking place at A.S.L.T. center.

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